Paratransit Maintenance Consortium

The Paratransit Maintenance Consortium was established in 2000, by the Florida Department of Transportation’s Transit Office. The FDOT has contracted with The Institute for Applied Business Research in the College of Business at Florida State University to implement their continuing effort to assist Florida’s paratransit providers. Its’ objectives are to promote sound maintenance practices, provide appropriate technical training for technicians, assist agencies in resolution of technical issues and provide specialized training related to hybrid-drive systems on cutaway-type buses. These are key components in ensuring vehicle safety, reducing maintenance expenses and equipment breakdowns while increasing vehicle service life.

This group is comprised of maintenance managers, technicians and professionals from various Florida agencies who have in-house maintenance facilities. The group acts as the consolidated maintenance voice for Florida’s paratransit agencies. As such, the group plays an important role in facilitating communications with paratransit agencies in order to enhance their maintenance capabilities and commitment to training. Sharing of information and establishing feedback among the paratransit community has been instrumental in resolving maintenance related issues and providing assistance and direction to agencies. Meetings are held to identify specific topics such as, technical issues, ongoing research, training needs and needs for technical assistance. Vendors are invited to attend meetings in order to share information on new products and technologies and review ongoing issues relative to their product and level of service support. The Consortium’s input and feedback is invaluable in determining the best approach to resolve many paratransit agencies technical issues. The PMC meets quarterly to discuss maintenance related issues. If you are interested in participating in this Consortium please contact Julie Eck at 850-644-2509 or .