About the Program

The Preventative Maintenance Planning, Training and Technical Assistance (PrMPT) program was created as a joint effort between the Florida Department of Transportation and the Institute for Applied Business Research at Florida State University in the College of Business. The purpose of the PrMPT program is to provide maintenance oversight, maintenance technical assistance, training and resources to Florida’s transportation providers at NO COST to the agency.
Preventive maintenance is essential to maintaining a successful vehicle fleet. Preventive maintenance includes inspections and repairs made to a vehicle before a breakdown occurs. By performing preventive maintenance inspections at timely mileage intervals, an agency can avoid forseeable breakdowns and thereby reduce their number of in-service failures. With fewer breakdowns an agency will have fewer vehicles out of service and reduced maintenance costs due to expensive repairs. Through providing necessary recommendations and suggestions, the PrMPT program aims to help each participating agency reach these goals. Once the agency has fully utilized the PrMPT program, their maintenance program will yield the following results:

  • A clear, concise maintenance plan outlining the agency’s current maintenance goals, procedures, and practices
  • An organized vehicle filing system that contains daily inspections, preventive maintenance inspections, work orders, repair invoices and receipts
  • A service agreement between the agency and the garage performing their inspections and repairs that details each party’s responsibilities and expectations
  • A schedule of preventive maintenance inspections in the A,B, C sequence that is being carried out at the appropriate mileage intervals
  • Thorough, detailed daily pre-trip inspections performed by drivers and monitored by agency staff – these inspections should effectively identify defects and those defects should be repaired in a timely manner according to potential safety hazards to the public
  • Road call data that is analyzed to show trends and identify goals that will enhance the agency’s overall performance

The Paratransit Maintenance Consortium (PMC) plays a vital role in resolving maintenance-related issues and providing assistance and direction to agencies. The PMC facilitates the opportunity for transportation agencies who have in-house maintenance facilities to address maintenance issues. Quarterly, PMC members are able to come together and discuss maintenance problems they have/are experiencing and seek resolution from peers and their experiences. The FDOT also participates in these meetings to stay abreast, offer resolution, and assist with existing and potential maintenance issues.