Services Provided

PrMPT assists with providing oversight for the maintenance portion of the Bus System Safety and Security Reviews conducted by the FDOT District offices. Comprehensive maintenance reviews are provided at the request of the District offices. These maintenance reviews are designed to ensure compliance with Chapter 14-90 of the Florida Administrative Code, federal regulations and FDOT minimum maintenance requirements.  The maintenance reviews are also used to identify areas in which recommendations or suggestions might improve overall efficiency.  The maintenance reviews cover the following areas:

  • Maintenance Plans
  • Equipment and Records
  • Maintenance Shop (if applicable)
  • Standards for Contractors (if applicable)
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Annual Safety Inspections
  • Pre-Trip/Post-Trip Procedures
  • Road calls
  • Warranty
  • Vehicle Appearance
  • Vehicle Safety Inspections

Upon completion of the Maintenance Compliance Review a report is developed that includes findings and recommendations based on the agency’s current maintenance procedures and practices. Additional technical assistance can be provided to the agency under review based on the findings and recommendations borne out of the Maintenance Compliance Review Report. The services provided to each agency that participates in the PrMPT program varies depending on the amount and type of assistance the agency requires. Some of the technical assistance resources include:

  • Providing maintenance plan templates that are customized by the agency based on the agency’s current maintenance practices and procedures
  • Providing recommendations for preventive maintenance schedules
  • Providing on-site training to drivers and agency staff for pre-trip inspection procedures
  • Initiating service agreements between agency and local garage when preventive maintenance is outsourced
  • Working with outsource garage mechanics to ensure thorough and compliant inspections are being performed on agency’s fleet
  • Developing quality assurance procedures that assist the agency with monitoring their outsourced preventive maintenance inspections
  • Creating an electronic organizational system to manage a fleet for upcoming inspections
  • Providing forms that are compliant with state and federal requirements as well as additional resources