Maintenance Plan

 The Federal Transit Administration has required that each state-funded transportation agency have a maintenance plan.  A maintenance plan is a living document that outlines the agency’s current and specific maintenance policies and practices.  No two agencies should have the same maintenance plan as each agency handles their maintenance differently.  Once a maintenance plan is completed, it will need to be updated as the vehicle fleet, job duties and procedures change.

There are 3 types of Maintenance Plan Templates:

  • In-house Maintenance Plan Template – for agencies who perform most or all maintenance activities in-house.
  • Outsource Maintenance Plan Template – used for agencies that outsource all maintenance activities.
  • Transportation Operating Procedure Template (TOP) – used for 5310 only agencies.

If you have any questions about your maintenance plan, please do not hesitate to contact our office for guidance and assistance.


Maintenance Plan Template – In-house_021719

Maintenance Plan Template – Outsource_021719

TOP Template 3.1.19

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