PM Service Agreement

The Florida Department of Transportation encourages all agencies that outsource their preventative maintenance inspections to create a service agreement with the garage performing the work.  A service agreement will outline the responsibilities of each party – both the agency and the garage – in terms of how the inspections will be scheduled, performed and paid for.  The garage is contractually held to carrying out the preventative maintenance inspections according to the Preventative Maintenance Guidelines Handbook.  A service agreement will also lock in a price for maintenance inspections for a year, or longer depending on the agreement period.  It is always a benefit to protect your agency and your vehicles by holding an outsource garage liable for the work they perform.  When trusting your vehicle’s safety to another company, it is best to put the arrangement in writing.  Below is a Word file so you may make edits, please contact us and we will send you a copy.

Preventative Maintenance Service Agreement v102017