TRIPS Program

The mission of TRIPS is to provide public transportation agencies access to procure high quality vehicles at competitive prices, provide technical assistance and guidance to public transit agencies for vehicle procurement, research and develop transit bus specifications that improve product quality and extend the life of the vehicles procured, and conduct crash testing and bus safety analysis to increase passenger safety and comfort.

The TRIPS program is accomplishing this mission by:

  • Establishing statewide contracts for procurement of certain transit vehicles.
  • Developing vehicle technical specifications for all various public transit vehicles required by Florida’s public transportation systems.
  • Providing technical assistance and guidelines to public transit agencies during the procurement process and coordination with the contracted dealer.
  • Providing technical assistance to individual transit agency Maintenance Managers experiencing unidentified fleet and warranty issues.
  • Investigating, conducting research, testing and developing component and design performance standards for the manufacture of vehicle and related components as part of vehicle technical specifications.

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